Ruffus is a Computation Pipeline library for python. It is open-sourced, powerful and user-friendly, and widely used in science and bioinformatics.


Please cite Ruffus as:
Leo Goodstadt (2010) : Ruffus: a lightweight Python library for computational pipelines. Bioinformatics 26(21): 2778-2779


Ruffus is designed to allow scientific and other analyses to be automated with the minimum of fuss and the least effort.

These are Ruffus's strengths:
  • Lightweight: Suitable for the simplest of tasks
  • Scalable: Handles even fiendishly complicated pipelines which would cause make or scons to go cross-eyed and recursive.
  • Standard python: No "clever magic", no pre-processing.
  • Unintrusive: Unambitious, lightweight syntax which tries to do this one small thing well.

Please join me (email: ruffus_lib at llew.org.uk) in setting the direction of this project if you are interested.



Get Ruffus

Ruffus is available as an easy-installable package on the Python Package Index.

Just run:
sudo pip install ruffus --upgrade
easy_install -U ruffus

The very latest (in development) code can be obtained via git :

git clone https://bunbun68@code.google.com/p/ruffus/

Feedback and Getting Involved: