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@jobs_limit ( maximum_num_of_jobs, [ name ])

Manages the resources available for a task.
Limits the number of concurrent jobs which can be run in parallel for this task
Overrides the value for multiprocess in pipeline_run
If an optional name is given, the same limit is shared across all tasks with the same @job_limit name.


  • maximum_num_of_jobs

    The maximum number of concurrent jobs for this task. Must be an integer number greater than or equal to 1.

  • name

    Optional name for the limit. All tasks with the same name share the same limit if they are running concurrently.

from ruffus import *

# make list of 10 files
@split(None, "*.stage1")
def make_files(input_file, output_files):
    for i in range(10):
        open("%d.stage1" % i, "w")

@transform(make_files, suffix(".stage1"), ".stage2")
def stage1(input_file, output_file):
    open(output_file, "w")

@transform(stage1, suffix(".stage2"), ".stage3")
def stage2(input_file, output_file):
    open(output_file, "w")

pipeline_run([stage2], multiprocess = 5)

will run the 10 jobs of stage1 2 at a time, while `` stage2`` will run 5 at a time (from multiprocess = 5):