Appendix 1: Flow Chart Colours with pipeline_printout_graph(...)

Flowchart colours

The appearance of Ruffus flowcharts produced by pipeline_printout_graph can be extensively customised.

This is mainly controlled by the user_colour_scheme (note UK spelling of “colour”) parameter


Use colour scheme index = 1

pipeline_printout_graph ("flowchart.svg", "svg", [final_task],
                         user_colour_scheme = {
                                                "colour_scheme_index" :1,
                                                "Pipeline"      :{"fontcolor" : '"#FF3232"' },
                                                "Key"           :{"fontcolor" : "Red",
                                                                  "fillcolor" : '"#F6F4F4"' },
                                                "Task to run"   :{"linecolor" : '"#0044A0"' },
                                                "Final target"  :{"fillcolor" : '"#EFA03B"',
                                                                  "fontcolor" : "black",
                                                                  "dashed"    : 0           }
There are 8 colour schemes by setting "colour_scheme_index":
pipeline_printout_graph ("flowchart.svg", "svg", [final_task],
                          user_colour_scheme = {"colour_scheme_index" :6})

These colours were chosen after much fierce arguments between the authors and friends, and much inspiration from Please feel free to submit any additional sets of colours for our consideration.

(Click here for image in svg.)