Who is Ruffus?ΒΆ

Cylindrophis ruffus is the name of the red-tailed pipe snake (bad python-y pun) which can be found in Hong Kong where the author Leo Goodstadt comes from.

Ruffus is a shy creature, and pretends to be a cobra or a banded krait by putting up its red tail and ducking its head in its coils when startled.

_images/wikimedia_cyl_ruffus.jpg _images/wikimedia_bandedkrait.jpg

Be careful not to step on one when running down country park lanes at full speed in Hong Kong: this snake is a rare breed!

Ruffus does most of its work at night and sleeps during the day: typical of many (but alas not all) python programmers!

The original red-tail pipe and banded krait images are from wikimedia.