Ruffus is a Computation Pipeline library for python. It is open-sourced, powerful and user-friendly, and widely used in science and bioinformatics.


Ruffus is designed to allow scientific and other analyses to be automated with the minimum of fuss and the least effort.

These are Ruffus's strengths:
  • Lightweight: Suitable for the simplest of tasks
  • Scalable: Handles even fiendishly complicated pipelines which would cause make or scons to go cross-eyed and recursive.
  • Standard python: No "clever magic", no pre-processing.
  • Unintrusive: Unambitious, lightweight syntax which tries to do this one small thing well.

Please join me (email: ruffus_lib at llew.org.uk) in setting the direction of this project if you are interested.



Get Ruffus

Ruffus is available as an easy-installable package on the Python Package Index.

Just run:
sudo pip install ruffus --upgrade
easy_install -U ruffus

The very latest (in development) code can be obtained via git :

git clone https://bunbun68@code.google.com/p/ruffus/

Feedback and Getting Involved: