A simple tutorial: 8 steps to Ruffus

Table of Contents


The Ruffus provides automatic support for

  • Managing dependencies
  • Parallel jobs
  • Re-starting from arbitrary points, especially after errors
  • Display of the pipeline as a flowchart
  • Reporting
This tutorial has seven steps which cover all the core functionality of Ruffus.
Don’t worry if steps 1 and 2 seem a bit slow: Once you get used to Ruffus steps 4-8 will be a breeze.

You can click on “previous” and “next” at the top and bottom of each page to navigate through the tutorial.

A worked example (steps 5-8)

The second half of the tutorial is a worked example to calculate the sample variance of 10,000 random numbers. This shows you how to:

  1. Split up a large problem into smaller chunks
  2. Calculate partial solutions in parallel
  3. Re-combine the partial solutions into the final result
  4. Automatically signal the completion of each step of our pipeline

This covers the core functionality of Ruffus.